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Delivery, Setup, Portions and Cake Stands

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your celebration with a free, no obligation, consultation.

I’d love to hear from you and discuss your special cake.

  • Delivery and setup of your wedding cake.

             Would you like to take the stress out of your day?
             I offer a delivery and setup service for wedding cakes,
             ensuring the cake is perfect in your venue,
             all ready for the important ceremony of cutting your cake.


  • Cake Size and Portions

Portion size
After meal with coffee 2” by 1”
Buffet portion is 1” by 1” - shown in brackets
6” round 12 (24)
7” round 17 (35)
8” round 24 (47)
9” round 30 (60)
10” round 38 (75)
11” round 48 (95)
12” round 58 (110)
6” square 17 (35)
7” square 24 (47)
8” square 30 (60)
9”square 38 (75)
10” square 48 (95)
11” square 58 (110)
12” square 40 (140)

Kitchen Cutting Cake

     A great way to add extra portions of cake for your day,
without increasing the number of tiers.

     Baked and covered in sugar paste to same standard as your tiered wedding cake, this cake is delivered direct to caterers for cutting.

     This cake doesn’t need to have all the sugar crafted decoration and detailing of your tiered wedding cake but allows for extra portions.
     Also saves a wee bit on costs!

  Cake stand and Knife

Elevate your cake to the next level!
I have a range of cake stands with knives available for hire.
Stunning antique silver to contemporary silver stands, crystal to wooden cake stands.
The cake stand should compliment and highlight your cake to perfection.

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